The major flaw in Cars (other than it being a bit rubbish)

It’s finally happened: Pixar have made a bad film.  As a self-confessed Pixevangalist I take no joy in reporting that Cars 2, the unnecessary  sequel to the average film which probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day had it not made $1billion in merchandising, is the first film from the animation studio to be declared ‘Rotten’ by Rotten Tomatoes, currently standing at a pitiful 37%.  (By comparison, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is only 1% lower, at 36%.)

Amongst the flood of negative criticism, one flaw of this fictional universe seems to have been ignored or unnoticed:

How do they do anything when they have tyres for hands

I re-watched Cars recently and this detail bugged me.  How did these cars evolve in a universe where they can’t use rocks for tools?  THE BASTARDS DON’T HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS.  I’m watching a cutesy scene where Lightning McQueen, a sentient, self-aware car,  is learning the many benefits of old-timey small-town friendship and all I can think of is how the hell did this species of cars, that’s cars, develop such an advanced civilisation?

If Lasseter and his cronies had any respect for evolutionary biology, Cars would be ninety minutes of ape-like cars bashing into each other, beeping a lot and never entering the stone age.

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