The trailer for Branded is madder than a kettle full of armadillos


When you see a film is called Branded, your instinctive first reaction is that this is another one of those anti-capitalist polemics about how the evil corporations are controlling your lives, maaaan, the kind with admirably noble intentions but nonetheless preaching to the converted and the too-stoned-to-do-anything-about-it.

But watching the trailer, it seems Branded is combining well-trodden fuck-the-system ethics with a truly bonkers sci-fi hook, in which an evil Max Von Sydow cackles in a boardroom as trademarked products are implanted into people’s minds and float about and stuff. It looks positively Gilliamesque, and by the power of Baron Munchausen, the world needs more stuff like that. File under ‘one to watch’ (if you’re the kind of person who has a filing system for forthcoming movies).

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