In praise of the title sequence

I never really “got” opening title sequences, a practice these days rather old-fashioned (they’re a relic from the days when the credits were almost always front-ended). As a young and impatient moviegoer I would glower with boredom whenever forced to sit through five minutes of Executive Producer credits. Yawn! Get to the film already!

But then I watched Goldfinger for the first time, and witnessed Robert Brownjohn’s limitlessly iconic credit sequence. Such a melée of intrigue and excitement! Sexy gold ladies! Limbs and body parts every which way!  Perfectly pitched to set the Bond tone and perfectly soundtracked by Dame Shirley, it was artful, compelling and alluring, and first alerted me to the value of a pre-match tease.

So I loved this charming little short above, which has just won a Vimeo award. It’s a knowing nod-and-a-wink to the geeky underclass of us who pay attention to this sort of thing, and it’s executed beautifully. You may not know the names of the graphic designers, but you’ll surely recognise some of the clever little homages.

What, you didn’t recognise any of them? What are you doing with your life? Get thee to a Blockbuster! Watch the first five minutes of all the films! Start with Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Fight Club, Enter The Void, and The Naked Gun, and have your report on my desk Monday morning! (Or just go to The Art of the Title, an opening sequence anorak’s dream come true.)

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