I’m So Excited (about some of these puns)


This blog has something of a precedent of calling out sickeningly obvious wordplay in film criticism (see here, and here, and also here), but I must say, the film criticism community has come out shining today in reviewing Pedro Almodovar’s smutty airplane-based comedy I’m So Excited. It may be Almodovar’s first flop in years, but if the only positive to come out of the enterprise is that it yielded some sparkling airline-based punnery, then it will not have been for naught. Here are some of my favourites:

“Trousersnakes on a plane.” – Ryan Gilbey, New Statesman

“Certainly one to file under ‘short haul’.” – David Jenkins, Little White Lies

“Giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘cockpit’.” – Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

“A throwaway airborne farce that never really gets off the ground.” – Alex Dymoke, City AM

“Welcome to Pedro Almodóvar’s economy package deal to Spain.” – Kate Muir, The Times

And the winner by a runaway:

“It’s an extended skit on the various financial and social crises currently unfolding in Almodóvar’s home country: in short, the reign in Spain falls, mainly on the plane.” – Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

*slow clap*


Roger Ebert is a lovely old man

Today’s Observer carries a completely delightful Q&A with the one film critic to rule them all, Roger Ebert.  It’s really worth reading even if you think films and film criticism is a futile waste of time; here’s a man who’s stared death squarely in the jaw and come out the experience with an optimistic and philosophical outlook on life.  I love the plain-speaking simplicity of this answer, when asked how he dealt with the throat cancer that robbed him of his ability to speak:

…How have you got through? What is your secret?

I had no choice. Facts are facts. You can’t brood. It would drive you nuts.

I also love that he seems refreshingly upbeat about the future of journalism.  “This is a new golden age for film criticism” is not something you often hear from the old guard, who generally seem suspicious and hostile towards blogging, and the anti-elitist, anything goes model it allows for.

And La Dolce Vita is his desert island film.  Amazing.  I’m almost reading to forgive him for giving The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor three stars out of four.

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